Important Information


Information on planned and unplanned service interruptions
 In the event of a Services Interruption, City Direct shall take all reasonable and practicable steps to maintain Services either side of the affected section of the Network, including, where appropriate, local diversions of Services.  City Direct shall give at least 10 days’ notice to passengers of changes to Services arising from a Planned Service Interruption. The notice shall be provided at all Stops affected, and on the City Direct Website. In addition, notice shall be provided via Twitter alerts and on-board announcements.

Policy regarding accessibility for customers with reduced mobility or who have a particular difficulty when using the Network, including elderly customers, customers with disabilities or special needs, pregnant women, young children and people accompanying them and customers with heavy or cumbersome baggage

Where appropriate the customer should inform the driver that they need assistance with boarding and storing any luggage on board.

The driver will inform any customers using wheelchairs on how to safely access and use the wheelchair space. 


Method to request additional assistance

Please inform the Driver about your request or contact City Direct via phone to request assistance with your journey.


Methods of submitting comments/complaints

Email through the website forum, telephone and letter.

Privacy Policy

City Direct will not share any customer information with third parties.
City Direct adheres to GDPR regulations.

Revenue Protection Policy

There is CCTV on board.

City Direct Drivers will challenge those customers trying to board with an incorrect or out of date ticket or invalid leap card.  

City Direct will implement strict travel bans on repeat offenders, barring them from travelling throughout our network.  

We will ultimately seek the assistance of the Gardai should we suspect that a criminal act has taken place.


Standard Fares Notice information and payment facility

  • Customers can pay by cash. (Drivers have a limited amount of change on board so we will be enforcing a exact fare only policy where appropriate)
  • Leap Cards are Accepted
  • DSP Free Travel Cards are Accepted. 

We can not accept Debit/Credits and Cheques