Leap Card Information

Reminder to all customers – Only buy your TFI Leap Card from authorised vendors

You can buy your TFI Leap Card using one of the following options:

The quickest way to buy an adult or child card 5 – 15 is over the counter in one of over 650 outlets in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford. Use the map below to find your nearest outlet. Alternatively, you can buy online or at selected DART ticket machines in Dublin.
Child Card 16 – 18 needs to be personalised with your photo. You can apply online here.
Student Leap Cards need to be personalised. Visit www.studentleapcard.ie for full details on how to get yours.


You can Top-Up your card by either:

Downloading the Leap Top-up App on your NFC-enabled Android phone. Top-up, buy tickets and collect directly from your phone.


Setting up an automatic direct debit through the Auto Top-up feature.


Loading Travel Credit or tickets using one of the following options:

1.At TFI Leap Card payzone outlets. Use the map above to find your nearest outlet.
2. At Luas, DART & Commuter Rail ticket machines
3. Online – but please note if you Top-Up online, you still have to collect your 4. Travel Credit or ticket at either a TFI Leap Card outlet or another nominated load location.

Load Location

A load location is the point you nominate to collect your online top-up. You can choose:

  • Any TFI Leap Card Payzone outlet
  • Luas validators
  • DART/Commuter Rail validators and gates in the short hop zone.
  • The Leap Top-up App
If you are collecting your top-up at a Payzone TFI Leap Card outlet, present your card to the reader at the counter and ask for a balance check. Your online Top-Up will load and your new balance will update automatically.

Remember, it can take up to 48 hours for your Travel Credit to be ready for collection at your nominated load location.


Please visit Leap Card - Where To Buy official page fore interactive maps of authorized locations.